MythStreamTV is a MythTV plugin that allows live transcoding and streaming of MPEG 1/2 (PVR-x50/M-179/DVB/ATSC/HD) to Windows Media Player/Mplayer and allows control via MythWeb.

MythStreamTV at SourceForge

Current featureset of MythStreamTV includes:
-Codec Selection of DIV3 and WMV2
-Video Bitrate Selection
-Audio Bitrate Selection
-Playlist Creation
-Streaming of LiveTV and Recorded programming
-Control of resolution of stream
-Control of frames per second of stream
-Selection of MMS or HHTP streaming protocols
-Remote video control (fast forward, rewind, pause etc)
-Authentication for stream viewing

Future enhancements:
-Streaming of DVD playback
-Autolanch of MMS client
-Access to MythVideo files Logo Support This Project